Teach For Iran, Equality in Teacher Education


Leila Afkhami is an International Master Trainer, mentor and trainer assessor. Being a graduate in Educational Leadership and Teacher Education from Vanderbilt University, US., and certified as a trainer by different internationally recognized trainer training centers, she has trained many teachers from both public and private sectors across the country. She has also presented at different national and international seminars and conferences including IATEFL, 2017 and has co-authored a teacher’s guide on Prospect 1.

We believe in building a better future via teaching for it, therefore, we are trying to provide teachers with high quality education. We are working hard on bringing peace notions and mental health elements in public school education.


Instagram: @leila.afkhami

About TFI

What We Do

Teach For Iran works toward the day when every teacher receives the training they require so ultimately every child will receive an excellent and equitable education. We find and nurture educators who commit to expanding opportunity for low-income students.

The Opportunity

The circumstances children are born into predict the opportunities they will have in life. But Teach For Iran has learned that dramatic progress is possible. It takes educators creating a nation-wide network working towards the goal of providing a better future for students in Iran.

Our Impact

Working shoulder to shoulder with students, educators, and school leaders, Teach For Iran members are there to support the academic and personal growth of students. The impact TFI-trained teachers have in the classroom fuels a lifelong commitment to their students and shapes the trajectory of their lives and careers.

TFI Core values

  • Pursue Equity and equality in teacher education
  • Strengthen Community of teachers and students
  • Achieve TFI Impact
  • Motivating teachers
  • Supporting teachers in hardship
  • Giving extra support to teachers in less-privileged areas